Life is in perpetual motion and time stops for no one.

KTB Wealth Partners believes your financial and lifestyle goals are too important to be left at the mercy of this inertia. We are champions of the kind of confidence that comes with a carefully constructed strategy designed to help manage risk and allow for preemptive response to the ebbs and flows of life.

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Bill Kientz's ProfileFrom his earliest days spent helping out in his family grocery store, Bill has always found it most rewarding to work with others.  He spent his years both as an undergrad and graduate student at the University of Arkansas, honing his business acumen in order to prepare himself for a career of helping others in the financial services field.  Bill’s greatest satisfaction is taken in moments in which he can not only guide, but also assist a client in achieving a long term goal by finding a solution to a problem that has previously seemed very difficult to solve.  Outside the office he devotes his time to the pursuit of the written word, captivating gallery exhibits, collecting art and antiques, and opening the perfect bottle of wine.


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Chris Tipton's ProfileHaving developed a penchant for saving early in life, Chris Tipton just as quickly developed a desire to use it for good. He wanted to use his ability to understand the complexities of investing to help others reap its rewards. In his work at KTB Chris is passionate not about the money he helps clients manage, but rather about the dreams it makes come true and sometimes the unexpected comfort and security it brings. He was educated at Mississippi College and spends his leisure time flying, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors with his family and children.


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Breazeale_Don_300x450The study of marketing at the University of Mississippi would eventually lead Don Breazeale to the world of financial services.  While studying the discipline of management he began to wonder how he could use the mastery of leveraging and allocating resources to make an impact in people’s lives. The answer was a career dedicated to helping others better understand the management of their finances and its potential for positive impact on their future. Don was an active member of his church community, avid outdoorsman, sports fan and enjoyed spending his free time with his family. He is fondly remembered by KTB as a founder, partner and friend.
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